Integrity, Trust, Value

ITV Supports our Community

ITV supports our community through…

  • Financial Support

    • Cops and Kids 2019 Back to School Program, sponsored by the Gravitt-Everett-Davis Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #66. In July, 112 needy children were provided with shoes and book bags filled with school supplies. They also assist Gwinnet County officers, deputies and families in times of need or distress.
    • Kids in Nature,, a hands-on learning and outdoor play experience that inspires youth to enjoy, appreciate, and respect North Carolina’s natural resources. Kids in Nature believes in investing in children and in the power of nature in igniting positive environmental, social, psychological, spiritual, and health outcomes.
    • Street Wise,, a nonprofit organization committed to helping people who are living below the poverty level get the professional help and care they need to rebuild their lives and function independently.
  • Sustainable Practices

    Our Definition of Sustainability
    At ITV Associates, Inc. when we talk about our commitment to sustainability, we are talking about reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We seek to continuously improve our environmental metrics. We believe that managing our company in a sustainable way means taking responsibility for how our work affects our environment. It means ensuring that our staff have a safe and healthy work environment and that they are treated fairly; it means hiring and retaining the best people and creating opportunities for them to seek challenges and grow. It also means continuing to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical way, honoring the values of integrity, trust, and value that have guided us for more than 25 years.
    Sustainability Policies
    Train our People
    ITV Associates, Inc. encourages employees to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible.
    Reduce and Recycle Construction Waste
    Since 2013, we have made a conscious effort to divert construction waste from landfills by recycling wherever possible.
    Reduce Office Waste
    ITV Associates instituted an office recycling program in 2017.
    Implement energy efficiency in our office
    ITV Associates has retrofitted our suite of offices with LED lighting and installed an energy efficient toilet.
    Green Construction Activities
    ITV Associates provides our customers with retrofit LED lighting, low-VOC parking lot sealants, LED parking lot lighting, motion sensors for lights, low-flow toilets, Sloan flush valves and no- or low-VOC paints. We recycle used light bulbs and ballasts where feasible and work to recycle unused paint.
    Research and Share Green Building Information
    ITV Associates strives to implement new technology and best practices as they develop and become available.
    Promote a Culture of Safety
    We recognize the right of our employees to a safe and healthy workplace. We strive to provide the safest workplace possible for our employees, contractors, and customers.